Snezhanna Georgieva and Elena Likhach got to an amazing fashion show

Fashion shows are bright events held by famous fashion houses and fashion designers. As part of these events, the latest collections are presented and fresh trends in the creation of clothing are formed. The most famous are fashion weeks in four cities — New York, London, Milan and Paris. And they pass in that order, never intersecting in time. After all, it is very important that all journalists and buyers have the opportunity to visit each of the main events in the fashion world.

Snezhanna Georgieva and Elena Likhach got to an amazing fashion show

What fashion shows can be

Fashion houses and fashion designers present collections to the public in two different formats:

  • Ready-to-wear, which literally translates to «ready to wear.» In this case, we are talking about the concepts of everyday wardrobe items, that is, clothing for a wide audience. For example, in Paris, more than 30 fashion houses present their creations in a similar format. Often ready-to- wear shows take place in small showrooms. And they are usually not significant events in the fashion world, respectively, coverage of such events is sometimes quite poor.
  • Haute couture, which means original outfits that have no analogues in the world. Of course, such shows are considered more prestigious. And in the same Paris, haute couture clothes are exhibited by no more than 10 fashion houses. That is, these shows are designed for a narrower circle of clients with refined taste.
Snezhanna Georgieva and Elena Likhach got to an amazing fashion show

How are the fashion shows

The classic format of a fashion show is the appearance of models on the catwalk, who demonstrate the created outfits. Moreover, the podium can be erected in any place, including museums, shopping centers and so on. Often the fashion show ends with a model dressed up in a wedding dress. Immediately after her, all the fashion models who participated in the show go on the podium. And one of the girls comes out accompanied by a fashion designer who created the collection.

When shows are held as part of fashion weeks in major cities, especially in the capitals of the fashion world, a big show is made from this event. It is attended by movie and music industry stars, well-known politicians and business representatives. Also, journalists and editors of major fashion publications are always present here. Moreover, guests are always seated in order of their importance. The main stars sit in the front rows, then the representatives of journalism, after which the lesser-known viewers go. Well, and closest to the podium, of course, are photographers and cameramen who must film the show from the best angles.

Snezhanna Georgieva and Elena Likhach got to an amazing fashion show

Today, the non-classical show has also become popular. Which can be compared with a performance or even a theatrical performance. The first, «unusually» presented their collections, of course, French fashion houses, but domestic couturiers are not inferior to their European counterparts. A popular fashion designer in Russia, Alexander Terekhov, arranged a show of his collection not just anywhere, but right in the Tretyakov Gallery. Of course, there were thousands who wanted to admire the new images. But the decision to transfer the action to the halls of the museum made its own adjustments. The strict limit on the number of guests did not bother Terekhov, among those who received invitations were Snezhanna Georgieva, Vera Brezhneva and Elena Likhach. Plus, they had a unique opportunity to walk around the night halls of the gallery.

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